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Anti-Ageing in the Sauna

Anti-Ageing in the Sauna

The Sauna is the very essence of anti-ageing.

Positive anti-ageing is the responsibility of every individual

If you have kept your body fit with sports and exercise, you will, at 60, have more strength and stamina than a 40-year old without this level of care. If you want to start doing something about your personal anti-ageing, you can begin with highly agreeable Sauna sessions, which significantly improve the overall condition of the body. Regular sauna visits strengthen the immune system and prevent high blood pressure and cardiovascular illnesses from developing.

 Sauna Bathing has the advantage of a deeper effect than cosmetic applications.

It helps the blood flow and increases the metabolism, waste substances are more quickly removed and the entire skin improves itself. Coloured light stimulation adds to this effect – Red light, for example, increase the production of Collagen and Elastin.
Take a look at the ‘Fountain of Youth’ for more on red light.

In addition, a balanced diet, enough sleep, but also the reduction of negative stress and the improvement of immune and cardiovascular systems help to reach this goal. Physical exercise and in particular wellness activities such as regular sauna sessions, have a positive effect on the physical and mental health. The sauna not only supports mental relaxation but also has a positive impact on the skin.

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