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Are Sunbeds Safe?

Are Sunbeds Safe?

Are Sunbeds Safe or Not?

You maybe suprised by this article, but one thing is for sure the truth is slowly coming out!

Consider that science usually finds it very interesting when researchers cannot prove something after trying for 20 years. This in itself is called a finding. It should be observed and recorded as an outcome. When you prove the opposite of what you set out to prove, it usually means that your hypothesis was WRONG.

Tanning, in moderation, is GOOD FOR YOU! Regular, moderate tanning improves physical and mental health in many ways. Sunlight produces more energy, improves heart and lung functions, boosts blood oxygen levels, provides better muscle tone, even reduces cholesterol! Sunlight helps humans make vitamin D in their skin, just like other living beings. It even CUTS cancer risks, dramatically. Tanning helps you fight breast, prostate, and colo-rectal cancers, among others. Tanning even prevents or reverses the ravages of osteoporosis!

Lack of sunlight can cause depression (Seasonal Affective Disorder) and other mental illnesses. Lack of sun actually causes 10 times more sickness and death than too much sun could ever cause.

Of course, there are those who disagree and think we should all live in caves. These “SunBusters” want you fear the sun. They say it CAUSES deadly skin cancer. They are supposed to be doctors and scientists, but even the American FDA (Food & Drug Administration) admits that Tanning HAS NEVER been shown to cause even one case of deadly skin cancer.

So why do they attack tanning? These Sunbusters almost all own stock in chemical companies or dermatology practices. They make money if you coat yourself in sunscreen — Even if it is carcinogenic….. These same “Sunbusters” also make money if you bring them every little bump on your skin. They call them pre-cancerous lesions, but the truth is that over 50% of them go away on their own if untreated. In addition, only 2% of these bumps actually turn to skin cancer. This is a SLOW process that takes 10 – 20 years. Fortunately, they grow slowly and are easily removed, if they occur at all.

So…. Don’t believe the lies. Can’t get outdoor sun and your schedule to match up? Visit a tanning salon Today

For more information, visit any good search engine and type in:

“Dr Hollick Osteoporosis Boston University of Medicine” or “Dr Garland Sunlight Prevents Cancer”.

Dr. Hollick’s work proves that MILLIONS of lives could be enhanced by more sun exposure. Dr. Garlands’ work, in a study the Doctors did for the U.S. Navy, proves that sunlight is protective – meaning PREVENTATIVE for many cancers.

Please consider that the American Academy of Dermatology (ADA) and the American Academy of Medicine, and The US FDA have been trying to prove that (or find out if) tanning causes malignant melanoma cancer for over 20 years. They have all failed! The ADA and AMA may continue to say tanning causes melanoma, but they cannot prove it! We call this FALSE ADVERTISING and say that they are telling lies. No other industry would be allowed to advertise such a damning report about a health issue such as this and slam another industry. Doctors should not be allowed to do this. If there were any equity in regulatory affairs then the FDA should demand that they cease publishing these false claims.

Does tanning cause malignant melanoma? All research at the FDA is showing the opposite. According to the FDA, the case cannot be made. The best studies show the opposite. The author of a famous study, sometimes called the “Swedish Study” has reversed earlier findings and admitted that the results do not prove that tanning causes malignant melanoma. Other VERY GOOD studies prove that tanning REDUCES the chance of getting malignant melanoma.

Too much sun is harmful. A serious sunburn is a major medical event. Protect yourself from weekend warrior syndrome and severe holiday sunburns by getting and maintaining a moderate tan at a professional tanning salon.

I have chosen to use American research because their studies have been more thorough not to mention, the population is far greater than ours. The overpaid beaurocrats at Brussels continue to make rules and regulations based on misguided ill-informed information as they frequently do… so well!

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