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Are Saunas suitable for the Elderly?

Elderly people, who are used to the sauna, can continue their hobby as long as they feel good about it. Any form of illness such as heart disease, blood vessel problems, high blood pressure and vein problems should lead to consulting a specialist doctor. In some cases, the physical reaction under the influence of medication can be different and not to be underestimated. Elderly persons who have no prior experience of the sauna, but would like to increase their well-being, can start as long as they do not suffer from illnesses which can not be cured by medication or other means. A stable heart disease, a controlled blood pressure are no reason for not visiting the sauna. Quite the opposite, it can support the medical process.

Does Sauna Bathing help against Asthma?

With regards to asthma bronchiale and bronchities with asthmatic symptoms, the effect of the sauna is to relax the muscles within the fine branches of the bronchia. Asthma creates cramping of the muscles in the airways, sauna sessions, on the other hand, releases the cramps. In addition, the immune system is strengthened which breaks the vicious circle of infection and asthma.

Will a Sauna session help with my flu virus?

Regular sauna bathing trains the immune system, strengthens the circulation and has a positive effect on the metabolism – all essential in preventing a flu infection. One or two sauna sessions can stop a flu in its tracks. Certainly, it is no reason to stop your routine. If, on the other hand, your system is already under strain, e.g. a fever, further heat will only add to the stress.

What’s the legal age to use Sunbeds?

The legal age is now 18. This restriction only applies to UV sunbeds so if you would like a Spraytan this age restriction doesn’t apply.

What are tanning creams or accelerators?

Tanning creams or accelerators as they are sometimes called are applied to the body prior to using a sunbed. They are specifically designed to break the tanning plateau and provide a darker tan whilst keeping the skin moisturised. There are basically 3 different types. Accelerator, accelerator with bronzers for an immediate colour change and Tingle for the more advanced user.

What preparation is required for a Spraytan?

Because the solution used is DHA  based, this works best with acidic skin. This briefly means you should exfoliate and shower at least 4 hours before treatment. No moisturisers or make up should be applied and wearing old clothing is preferable, although not too important as any colour transfer is easily washed out. DHA takes several hours to develop and subsequent showering should be avoided for at least 6 hours.

I haven’t used a Sunbed before how long should I have?

Our friendly staff are there to help and advise you, they will establish your skin type, then recommend a suitable tanning time. This, for first time users, would normally be between 3 to 6 minutes. Free use of goggles are provided and should always be worn.