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Natural Sun -V- Sunsational Tanning Units

Natural Sun -V- Sunsational Tanning Units

Have you ever asked yourself just how strong the natural sun is, here in the UK, compared to a sunbed?

To explain, UV irradiance is measured in milliwatts per square centimeter and contains both UVA & UVB waves.

During the recent heatwave in July and with temperatures reaching 30+C, I thought it would be interesting to take some readings using a Happro UV meter to make the comparisons.

I took the readings during the midday sun and over a 3 day period. The results showed a fairly consistent reading of 3.5mW/cm2 on each occasion

Using the same equipment, the VTUs at the salon measured a staggering 24mW/cm2. Thats just over 6 times stronger! So for every 10 minutes in our sunbeds is equivalent to 1 hour sunbathing. Another interesting point is that unlike the sun, sunbeds don’t have infrared rays that after long periods of time will overheat the body that causes Heatstroke/Sunstroke, Headaches Nausea and Heat rashes.

For those who have a busy lifestyle and who just don’t have the time to sit in the sun, you can be assured, Sunsational IS “where the sun always shines”

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