Tanning Beds

 The tanning system

is very hygienic and features the most up to date tanning technology.

Our Sunbeds are Up to 15% more efficient than some of our competitors.
Because the tanning process is so effective, you only spend minutes in the unit. with session times ranging from 3 to 15 minutes, depending on your skin type and colour.

The tanning booths have their own private changing rooms and the tanning areas are AIR COOLED, minimising perspiration, so you don’t need a shower afterwards!
48 High Power UV tubes are mounted behind metal grills, Unlike acrylic covered machines which filter the light, there is NO reduction in UV energy.

Built into each tube is a reflector ensuring all the energy is directed in the correct direction.

We provide make up removal lotion and anti-perspirants in each sunbed.

Private Changing Areas.
The tanning booths have an integral changing area. Complete privacy is ensured for that ALL OVER Tan.

Expert Help is always on hand in our tanning salon for your re-assurance.

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