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Tanning Tips

Tanning Tips

Your guide to build a long lasting healthy tan

  • Build a Tan ‘Step One’ – tanning lotions are designed to help stimulate melanin and provide moisture to boost tanning results when building your base tan. Anyone who has light colour, or is starting to develop a tan should choose one of these lotions. You will use these until you hit your “tanning plateau” a point at which you are not getting any darker. ┬áTIP: For best results do not Bath or Shower for two hours after tanning.

  • Darken your Tan ‘Step Two’ – lotions designed to penetrate the skin with nutrients, minerals and amino acids; the building blocks of a deep dark tan. Many of these are “hot action” or “tingle” products, which accelerate circulation at the skin level providing superior results.

  • Moisturise & Protect ‘Step Three’ – when building a healthy tan you must replace lost moisture, and protect your skin when outdoors for long periods of time, or even if you’re using indoor equipment.

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