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The importance of using tanning creams.

The importance of using tanning creams.

Boost the tanning process by up to 40%


Sunbed lotion can boost your sessions as they usually contain Tyrosine, which encourages the skin to produce melanin more quickly. The moisturising effect of the lotion prevents dry skin and promotes the longevity of your tan. Most lotions also contain ingredients such as Vitamin E to counteract the ageing effects of the UV rays.

If your not using a sunbed cream or tanning accelerator, your skin will probably reflect as much as half of the UV energy so you will spend longer in the sunbed and spend more money to achieve the desired tanning result.

Which Cream?

Firstly, check to see if the lotion contains an ingredient called tyrosine. This is found is just about every indoor tanning lotion. It’s an amino acid and serves to stimulate the production of melanin. For the people who do not know, melanin is the protein that colors your skin. If you can “feed” this protein, you are going to tan more quickly and consistently.

Another thing you want to do is ensure the lotion also has a moisturiser in it. This is important for a couple of different reasons. First off, tanning bed lotions that don’t contain moisturising characteristics is really tough to apply. You want to have your tanning lotion go on with ease and smoothly so you may spend more time tanning and not so much time putting the lotion on. Moisturising sun tan lotions can also prevent dry and cracking skin – a particularly nasty side effect of tanning.

The final ingredient That should be found in any quality tanning lotion is vitamin E. This antioxidant has the wonderful ability to help prevent wrinkles. Because another side effect of tanning is that it can cause wrinkles, vitamin E does an excellent job of fighting against this issue.

Sunbed creams are intended for indoor tanning use only. They offer no protection for outdoor UV tanning.

There is a full range of creams and accelerators available for both Men & Women to purchase in the salon.

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