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The Infrared Sauna’s fight against Cancer.


The Cancer Fighting Benefits

of Far Infrared Saunas.

The way they work is relatively simple. They exploit or take advantage of a portion of the electromagnetic spectrum that basically increases the temperature of the body, and creates hyper-thermia without exposing the body to some of the negative portion of the spectrum which we know is the ultraviolet spectrum.

The way we release our heat is by sweating and that sweating helps. The sweat helps carry the heat away from the body. So by stimulating that mechanism… people don’t realize this, but you excrete just as much urea through your skin, maybe more. A significant amount of toxins are excreted through your skin as there are in your urine or your stool. And in some cases, probably specific toxins, even more.

So by exposing yourself to a reasonable time frame and a reasonable safe level of heat, you can basically stimulate your body to accelerate that excretion of toxins and you can make that happen even faster using the Infrared Sauna.

Ifrared illustrationAn infrared sauna, can provide health benefits at much lower temperatures. This is due to the fact that radiating heat is more evenly distributed and penetrates more deeply into the skin, gently warming the body, rather than “charring” it with blasts of higher-temperature heat like that of a conventional Sauna.

Another reason a far infrared sauna is so useful is that normal cells are able to withstand heat because of their normal anatomy compared to the abnormal anatomy of say a cancer cell, especially in relation to its vascular supply. And so a cancer cell doesn’t do well in a hyper-thermic situation. This has been shown in mainstream science to be the case.

Exposing your body to Infrared heat you’re selectively killing or eradicating those less viable cells, those cancer cells, without hurting your normal cells. And so a far infrared sauna is useful because it can help you sweat, excrete toxins, and help eliminate cancer cells which can’t survive the heat as well as the normal cells.


The Infrared Sauna is available for use at the Sunsational Tanning Salon.

With its own integrated changing room for complete privacy during use.

Towels are provided if required and the cabin has the capacity for 2 people if you would like to bring along a friend.

Session times are preset at 30 minutes with a temperature reaching 40+ degrees. It is recommended to use the infrared sauna 3 times a week.

It also has its own voice command entertainment system built in for your entertainment and amusement. Just ask ‘Alexa’

Try an Unlimited monthly Sauna course for just £50.00 (single person use)