PLE (Polymorphic light eruption)

What is PLE? The term ‘light eruption’ is easy to understand – a rash that comes up after exposure to light. ‘Polymorphic’ is more difficult. ‘Poly’ means ‘many’, and ‘morphic’ means ‘forms’. In other words, the rash of PLE can take many different forms, including small red bumps, larger red areas, and blisters. In PLE,

New Products

2 New, Must Have products… available to buy in the salon. Athena Salon Grade Sunless Tanning Lotion Scientifically formulated to achieve Rich, long Lasting Bronze Colour in as little as 1 Hour. Alcohol Free formulation promises not to dry your skin out, allowing the antioxidant and moisture enriched solution to leave your skin feeling smooth


VIP ACCESS ALL AREAS! Use any or all of the salon equipment for a 60 day period. Sauna Spray Tanning UV Tanning Collarium (Collagen bed) Unlimited access, use whatever and whenever you choose there is no limit during the 60 day period! Priced at just £90.00 this has to be the best deal available! terms

New Addition

A new piece of equipment has arrived at the salon and is ready for you to put it through its paces. Suitable for use by all ages. 3 programmes available for muscle toning to therapy and mobility issues. The OTO FLABéLOS is the only machine available with a medical certification and sets the standard for all

Special Offers

Special Exclusive offers currently available for our Rewards Customers. Here’s your chance to grab a bargain as our way of saying a huge Thank You for continuing to use Sunsational. TEST DRIVE THE FLABeLOS WITH THE FIRST SESSION FREE! No strings, No Catches! No special clothing required. Ready when you are. Just call in and give it a go!

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‘Rewards‘ is a new Loyalty Points scheme designed to give our existing loyal customers real discounts and exclusive offers. Unlike previous schemes, you will now Save approx. 20% on everything offered in the salon. Rewards will replace all other discount schemes currently available from January 1st 2014 … Sign up now! How does it work?

Natural Sun -V- Sunsational Tanning Units

Have you ever asked yourself just how strong the natural sun is, here in the UK, compared to a sunbed? To explain, UV irradiance is measured in milliwatts per square centimeter and contains both UVA & UVB waves. During the recent heatwave in July and with temperatures reaching 30+C, I thought it would be interesting

The importance of using tanning creams.

Boost the tanning process by up to 40%   Sunbed lotion can boost your sessions as they usually contain Tyrosine, which encourages the skin to produce melanin more quickly. The moisturising effect of the lotion prevents dry skin and promotes the longevity of your tan. Most lotions also contain ingredients such as Vitamin E to

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We are pleased to advise you that we have extended our opening hours.   Now open all day: Monday – Friday 10am until 8pm. Saturday: 12noon until 6pm. We will no longer close for lunch between 2-3pm so you now have  an extra hour to choose when to come and get a top up!

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