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The Sauna & Your Wellness

The Sauna & Your Wellness

If you sweat on a regular basis, you will enjoy your holiday more!

The training effect of regular sauna visits has a further, often ignored advantage:
Overseas travel often takes us to hot and humid climate zones. Training the body organism beforehand through regular sauna bathing increases the recreational effect and well-being of southern climates.

Sauna bathers live longer

The overall increased circulation as a result of regular Sauna bathing trains the whole organism – as with all other regular bodily exercise, this slows down the ageing process. But most of all, a high quality of life is maintained.

Sauna use prevents migranes

Sweating can even prevent headaches, which often result from the poor regulation of the blood vessel tension as is the case with migranes. The warm-cold-phases during sauna bathing can train the vessel walls so that blood vessels in the head do not react with pain to external stimulation due to over sensitive nerve cells.

Sauna – for beauty from within

Regular sauna bathing prevents long-term deficiency symptoms of the skin and supports the supply of nutrients to the skin. Recent research supports this: the university clinic in Jena, found that the barrier effect of the skin could be stabilised in test persons who visited the sauna regularly. The improved circulation delayed the drying out of the skin and adjusted the fat content of the surface skin.


Most people have a slight over-acidification in their body tissue. The toxins can be the reason for a weak immune system, joint, muscle and head aches, digestion problems as well as many chronic diseases. Regular sauna visits supports the washing out of harmful acids. Removing trace elements such as lead, cadmium and nickel through sweating is a very valuable side effect.

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